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Assaulter Tactical Emergency Medical Training is designed to provide assault team member with skills necessary to provide immediate life support in the crisis area during tactical operations and provide assistance to EMS personnel. Classes will include classroom as well as hands on instruction culminating with a realistic training exercise.


In ATEM I tactical personnel will receive classes on situation assessment, patient assessment in a tactical environment, rapid triage, basic and advanced airway management, management of multiple trauma patients, patient extraction and hazardous material safety/awareness. Also included in the training will be a tactical review of marksmanship, CQB (Tier I or II), breaching, team and individual movement and post assault procedures.


The ATEM II curriculum is almost identical except it does not teach specific medical procedures as it is designed for medically trained personnel who would become part of or operate in conjunction with a special response element/team.

                     5-11 days (60-132 hours)
                  $700.00 (5 days)  $1,100.00 (6-11 days)

**Programs can be modified to incorperate 6 to 10 days with longer class training hours/ day


2010 Classes

Date:                                Type:                      Location:                                 Open/Closed

Spring 2010                ATEMS 2 /7 day         Midwest Training Center, Missouri              Closed

June                           ATEMS 2 / 11 day          Southeastern,MA                                   Open



This course is designed to teach selected Special Response Team Tactical Medics the skills necessary to enable them to function as members of Sniper/Observer Teams in order to support tactical operations for Medicine Behind the Barricade within a rural or urban environment. The follow-up to the initial training will consist of a tactical review at an intermediate level of assault team skills culminating with integrated operations and have taken a TEMS Assauler 1 or 2 course or a TEMS course with CQB Experience.

DURATION:                            7-16 days (84-192 hours)

TUITION:                                 $900.00

Date:                                Type:                            Location:                          Open/Closed

Spring 2010               Sniper/Observer- T     Midwest Training Center, Missouri           Closed          

Assaulter Tactical Medic Training (TEMS) to Fire, EMS & Police based agenies. This program in its entirety is a 5 to 11 day intense program with over 60 + contact hours that will challenge the student in all aspects of tactical medicine.

This specialized medical course is structured for pre-hospital care providers attached in someway to a Specialized Tactical Team as an Assaulter

IEME Internationals Mission is to expand the students knowledge of emergency tactical medicine in the hostile environment. Realistic training, intense scenarios and drills, as well as interactive lectures, will lead the students capability to handle and intergrate tactical emergency care in the high-stress tactical environment.

Students that have taken a prior TEMS program with an other ageny will be able to take this program on the advanced level days. (Only if documentation can be established)

Course Topics:

  • Role of the Tactical Medic

  • Weapon Handling and Effects

  • Basics of Tactical Care, Field Care & Care Under Fire

  • Hostage Survival

  • Tactical Assessment

  • Chemical Weapons (WMD)

  • Tactical Movements

  • CQB / CQC as an Assaulter/Medic

  • Suture Lab

  • Advanced Tactics

  • FTX Night Exercises

  • Casualty Extractions

  • Tactical Markmanship


The program will be open to a total of 25 students. So register as soon as possible

*Position in the course is not confirmed until deposit of $100 (non refundable) has been paid.

Payment is accepted by cash, check, money order, Visa / Mastercard, or Department P.O. All Checks and Money Orders must be payable to IEME 3 weeks prior to the class.

Travel: Travel to and from program desinations is the resposibility of the student.


In order to verify the credibility of those that we train, the applicant must be an EMT- B or higher and working within the public safety arena (Police. Fire, or EMS), the military, or working within a division of the US Department of Homeland Security.

All applicants must provide verifiable proof of EMT training and public safety employment on official company letterhead, verifying this fact and offering the name, rank, and contact phone number of the agency head or authorizing person issuing the letter. Final acceptance into this TEMS Program is contingent upon this verification process.

Downloads forTactical Medic Operator Program

2009 Tactical Medic Training Application

Verification Form

Consent Form

Application Process:

If more than 25 candidates register for the course, candidates will be selected by their activity on a tactical team and level of medical certification.

Priority I - Medics on an active police tactical team

Priority II - Medics that perform a support function to a police tactical team.
Priority III - Medics not yet assigned to a tactical team.

Uniforms & Equipment:

*Students are required to wear BDU style clothing of choice and combat style boots.

Recommended Equipment ( Bring all your gear)

(Limited Tactical gear will be available for use )

Tactical Body armor (if have)

Tactical Vest
Helmet (kevlar or Protec)
Goggles or Safety Glasses
Hydration system
Knee and Elbow pads
Personal Medical Kits, Leg Bags, or Back Packs

Refunds: Under rare occasions, we have been able to refund do to a cancellation. Refunds will only be offered if we have enough notice to find a qualified replacement.

To obtain further information please call:

Christopher G. Santos, VP of  Operations., by phone at (774) 263-3354 or by e-mail at
[email protected]  

IEME International, Inc. is an active member of the International Tactical EMS Association

The Institute for Emergency Medical Education is an Accredited Training Institution by the Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services.




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