I.E.M.E. Northeast is proud to say that it has some of the finest Technical Rescue Team personnel in the area. All of our team members train on a regular basis and belong to one or more rescue services. We strive to be the best because "With Us...It's Safety". 
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Classes/Training - Rescue Team Classes

I.E.M.E. holds regular training for its Rescue Team members and we insure that everyone is proficient in their skills.

Industrial ClassesMedical ClassesTactical Medic TrainingK9 Medicine Training
DTAC TrainingPolice Lifesaver CourseRope Rescue TrainingPort Security Training
Confined Space TrainingWater Rescue TrainingRescue Team ClassesWomans Self Defense
SeminarsPersonal ProtectionVICE & ADVICE TRAININGTIDS (Tactical Illumination)
Wind Industry Rescue1st Responder Defensive Tactics