This one-day course teaches those in Law Enforcement how to save one’s self or another person in a worst-case scenario when there is an absence of medical care due to unavailability or delay. 
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High Risk Casualty (Livesaver Course)


TBA $175 10 Hour Program









Law Enforcement Self Rescue-

Taking this Lifesaving course allows you to become efficient in the self-treatment of
potential life and death injuries that otherwise would need to be completed by a trained healthcare
provider. All treatment options in this course are based on Tactical EMS,
Medical Assessments, and BLS care standards.

Students in this course will learn:
• Personal First Aid Kit Selec tion
• Patient Assessment (Prone Position)
• Self - Treatment Drills
• Casualty Drags
• One - man Casualty Drills
• Carry Drills
• Team Drills
• Vehicle and Cruiser Drills
• Line Drags
• Use of Tourniquets and the Israeli Bandage


I.E.M.E. Northeast is commited in bringing the most advanced training available
to those who serve in the Homeland Security sector. We at I.E.M.E. Northeast have the experience,
training and instructors ready to tailor programs to
your departments needs.
If you have any questions or to schedual a course for your department, please contact Christopher Santos V.P. of Industrial Operations by phone at 774-263-3354 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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