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Emergency Planning
& Response-                 Where: I.E.M.E. Canton          When: June 22  9am - 5pm

Fire Extinguisher-        Where: I.E.M.E. Canton          When: June 30    9am - noon

E.R.T.-                          Where: I.E.M.E. Canton           When: June 30   1pm - 5pm

Hazwoper 40hr-            Where: I.E.M.E. Canton          When: July 27 - 30 8am - 6pm

Hazwoper 8hr-              Where: I.E.M.E. Canton          When: July 30     8am - 6pm

Shelter In Place-           Where: I.E.M.E. Canton          When: August 13   9am - 4pm

Fall Protection-              Where: I.E.M.E. Canton          When: Sept.  8  9am - 4pm

DOT Hazmat Transport   Where: I.E.M.E. Canton          When: Sept. 14-16   8am - 5pm


To register for the above courses, please print the course registration from our web site and return it with payment to the address indicated.  If you have any questions or to schedual a course at your location please contact Scott Bumpus Training & Equipment Rep. by phone at 339-502-5050 x-214 or by e-mail at [email protected]


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