IEME Tacticals mission is to expand the students knowledge of Emergency Tactical Medicine in the hostile environment. Realistic training, intense scenarios and drills, as well as interactive lectures, will lead the students capability to handle and intergrate tactical emergency care in the high-stress tactical environment. 
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Tactical Training Division - Tactical Medic

The Tactical Medic Operator Course was designed to provide tactical medical assessment and skills necessary for a team or unit as a first line of defense for acute medical incidents. All Tactical Medical Operator  courses have both a didactic classroom portion as well as hands-on realistic training and instruction exercises.

The course provides training in immediate life support in both basic and advanced care options, armed and unarmed medic operations,equipment sellection, medications,use of specialized equipment, suturing, and team care awareness planning. Students in this program will learn to establish a landing zone for medical evacuation, implement rapid triage exercises, be able to work as part of the assault team as a member and work in both light and low light conditions. This program is 5-11 days in length and will be demanding on the participant both physically and mentally.


Assaulter Tactical Emergency Medical Training is designed to provide assault team member with skills necessary to provide immediate life support in the crisis area during tactical operations and provide assistance to EMS personnel. Classes will include classroom as well as hands on instruction culminating with a realistic training exercise. In ATEM I tactical personnel will receive classes on situation assessment, patient assessment in a tactical environment, rapid triage, basic and advanced airway management, management of multiple trauma patients, patient extraction and hazardous material safety/awareness. Also included in the training will be a tactical review of marksmanship, CQB (Tier I or II), breaching, team and individual movement and post assault procedures. The ATEM II curriculum is almost identical except it does not teach specific medical procedures as it is designed for medically trained personnel who would become part of or operate in conjunction with a special response element/team.
DURATION: 5-11 days (60-132 hours)
ATEM II TUITION: $700.00 (5 days)
$1,100.00 (11 days)


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