Designed to teach selected Tactical Medic Operators the skills necessary to enable them to function as members of Sniper/Observer Teams in order to support tactical operations within a rural or urban environment. 
South Shore Battle Systems
Tactical Training Division - Medical Sniper Observer
This course covers the entry -basic level tactical operations aspects of the sniper/observer team or SOT from formulation/training through tactical operations at a crisis location. The course will include training towards operations within a rural and urban environment. Sniper/observer team principles of engagement, marksmanship and field-craft skills type training in urban and rural environments will be conducted.
Enabling a birds eye view, Tactical Medics can determine medical threats, injuries and situations in which to relay back to the commander. Similar to "Medicine Behind the Barricade", Tactical Medics will be placed in situations were they need to evaluate and determine level of priority of injured/ sick persons through obsevation through Observer spotter scopes.

DURATION: 7-11 days (84-132 hours)
TUITION: $650.00

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