Is there a strong chance your business will experience a major fire as a result of Hot Work?

Hot work is classified as any operation that produces flames, sparks, or heat.

Operations such as cutting, welding, brazing, grinding, sawing, soldering, thawing of frozen pipe, using a plumbers torch are all examples of hot work.  
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Industrial Safety - Hot Work Protection

Preventing fires related to hot work takes teamwork, training and a partnership between management and facility personnel. We have seen it time and time again, whether it is in a factory, trade school or office building, workers or contractors using open flame to repair of fix equipment and not follow hot work procedures. With a staff of professional Firefighters and Fire Investigators, IEME is not only capable of the development of a hot work protocol for your company, but can distribute our own personnel to your facility to work as hot work attendants.


IEME Northeast is committed to training your employees in the proper protocols and procedures in dealing with hot work issues.


IEME will:

  • Create and audit a Policy
  • Help to implement a Hot Work Management Program
  • Make sure both fire protection and hot work equipment work properly
  • Train the fire watch attendant(s)
  • Determine the effectiveness of your hot work management program
  • Teach how to manage the outside contractor
  • Show the importance of fire protection
  • And how to write you own hot work permit


Contact us for further information on training or the need for a hot work attendant.

Scott Bumpus Training & Equipment Rep.  339-502-5050 x-214 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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