An ERT is an organization whose members carry out specific responsibilities before, during and after an emergency, and work as a team to minimize potential loss to a company. 
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Industrial Safety - Emergency Response Team (ERT)
I.E.M.E. Northeast can help your company to develop and asses your companies needs, create a written policy, plan levels of response, train your personnel and conduct spot audits and safety drills.

    * Fires
    * Floods
    * Windstorms
    * Hurricanes
    * Snow
    * Terrorist Acts
    * Earthquakes

These are the areas were the need arises to have an ERT Team ready to respond to the emergency incident, whether it be to protect contents of a building, help to elevate damage or to prevent injuries of fatalities.

Have I.E.M.E. develop and train your next ERT Team.

I.E.M.E. is committed developing a tailoring your ERT Program to your companies needs. We strive on proper and rigorous life style training, training that has a purpose to the job at hand.

Give us a call so we can help you in developing or re-organizing an ERT Team and program.
Contact Scott Bumpus Training & Equipment rep. by phone at 339-502-5050 x-214 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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